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Gus P. For Albuquerque Mayoral Office, 2017

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The Pedrotty Promise

We all know the communities of Albuquerque deserve to come first: before special interests, before redundant and expensive infrastructure, and before bandage solutions to deeper challenges. But too often, they don’t.

I grew up here, attending public school and engaging in arts, science, athletics, and business in our theatres, labs, stadiums, and streets. I recognize and honor the deep strength of our shared history. And I know that we can build a beautiful and sustainable future.

As mayor, I promise to empower our communities by committing to accountability, accessibility, and active transparency. I will fight systemic issues with informed, sustainable policies and will create public-private partnerships to drive a robust local economy. But this campaign is not about me; it’s about what we can do to make the Albuquerque of our dreams a reality, by building it together.

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To reshape Albuquerque’s tomorrow, we need help from those who love it. Through your volunteering, we can future-build together, right now. Sign-up to join our team and ensure we get elected by canvassing, hosting meet-&-greets, and more!

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Listening is the most important thing any administrative body can do. We’re here because we have been listening this whole time and have no intention stopping. Tell us about your Albuquerque!

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Together, we can use our resources, passion, and knowledge to build a new future for our city.

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Making a difference in our city doesn't happen without you. We would love to meet and organize with you to help provide the city a future that gives us agency and autonomy.